The Milestone Good Neighbor Award

Do you know someone worthy of The Milestone Good Neighbor Award?

Two Young Friends

We love our residents at Milestone Property Management and we’re pretty sure you know why. Our communities are filled with people like YOU- good neighbors, loving families, and caring friends. In the spirit of shining a light on our amazing residents, we want to hear about your favorite neighbor or a neighbor who has done something very special for you or someone in your community. The winning neighbor will be honored with the Milestone Good Neighbor Award and both the winner and the one who nominated the winner will receive a cash prize!

Nominees will be contacted before anything is posted to ensure privacy concerns are met.

Entry Rules:

  • Each essay must be limited to 500 words.
  • Each essay must contain the name of the nominee and the name of the community within the first 50 words.
  • Submissions must be sent to [email protected] by 8/26/2016.
  • Submissions must be for someone who lives in a Milestone Property Management community, but one cannot nominate someone who lives in the same household as the nominator.
  • One may submit multiple nominations, but one may not nominate the same person twice.



Milestone Property Management will screen the submissions and post finalists on EACH of our official Facebook pages. Below we share links to each of them.



  • Anyone with Facebook access is eligible to vote whether or not they are a resident. If you want to encourage all of your family and friends to “like” your entry, we say “go for it!” Your nominee probably deserves the love.
  • One may submit a vote by “Liking” the post on one of our official Facebook pages.
  • One may vote for the same entry multiple times by visiting our different Facebook pages and liking each instance in which it is posted.
  • One may vote for as many different entries as one pleases. If one likes two of them, but prefers one, the person can strategically “like” one entry on ten of our pages and the second favorite entry on five of our pages. One may distribute one’s “likes” as one pleases.
  • Voting will begin on 8/29/2016 when we post the finalists and will end on 9/19/2016.



  • The entry with the most combined “likes” by end of day 9/19/2016 (we will be combining them from each of our official Facebook pages) will be named the winner.
  • The winning nominee will receive a $100 gift card.
  • The one who submitted the winning entry will receive a $50 gift card.
  • We will announce the winner on 9/20/2016


Official Facebook Pages:

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