Congratulations to the three Milestone Good Neighbor Award finalists. Below are the entries and the list of official Facebook Pages where you can vote. We are counting cumulative “likes” and each of our nominees will be posted on each of our official Facebook Pages. So you can “like” each nominee up to 22 times! Distribute your “likes” at your discretion. But please reward the kindness with your support.



Milestone Good Neighbor Award Nominee: Corkey and Allen Fowler of Sawyer Pointe Apartments, Scappoose, OR

I would like to nominate Corkey and Allen Fowler of Sawyer Pointe Apartments. They have always been nice and friendly, and have helped me whenever I had any kind of little troubles. They are always willing to make a good conversation.


Milestone Good Neighbor Award Nominee: Kellie of Orchardview Apartments, Salem, OR

Kellie of Orchardview Apartments is one of the sweetest people I’ve met. Last Thursday on my way home from the post office I saw Kellie on the side of State St. holding a little dog that looked like it was hit. Kellie brought the dog home and cleaned him up. She made lost dog posters and ads. She didn’t find the owners but ended up giving the dog to one of her coworkers. She is just an all-around great person and would do anything for anyone. I nominate Kellie because I want her to know that she is appreciated.


Milestone Good Neighbor Award Nominee: Malynda of Sawyer Pointe Apartments, Scappoose, OR

I would like to nominate Malynda from Sawyer Pointe Apartments.

She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help a neighbor in need. With her jams and great vegetables, she is always very giving. I always see her saying hi to everyone on the property when she is out walking her dog Buddy. Last week she was willing to help relocate a baby opossum found on the property. And I also saw her help another resident carry a dresser up the stairs. She is a nice person with a caring heart.



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